Presentation video


You might want a presentational video to loop at your exhibition or your website, to insert into a powerpoint, to send by email… You might want it to demonstrate a product or service, or communicate a specific message – the audience, purpose and method of delivery are immense.

And, of course, the style needs to suit your company’s ethos, the purpose and audience, the message you want to convey. You can explain all of that in a brief and let us get on with it, or you can get involved in more detail. First there’s a couple of examples of recent presentation videos, after that there’s more detail about how you can start choosing an approach yourself.

BCB International Ltd asked for a full video with interviews, but also a presentational video to use at exhibitions across the globe:

STOP PRESS – BCB International Ltd liked their video so much, they asked Meconopsis Films Ltd to create four new videos to form the basis for their new season’s exhibition display. We were able to create four relevant films to suit the range of their products that will shortly be launched at the world’s largest survival equipment exhibition in London.

MAP Environmental wanted a presentation video for their Excel exhibition, which we put together for with a mix of stills and footage, but where the client had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve.

The BCB presentation was made of elements we filmed and designed ourselves, while MAP Environmental supplied all the stills and footage and wrote the script for their presentation. We added the flair, and created their vision! If you look closely, you can see that the footage on the roof is amateur footage filmed on handy-cam, so we decided that it would be best presented in the way we did.

So – what routes are there for us to create your presentation video?


Your might have high quality in mind or a very specific outcome, in which case you need bespoke motion graphics design, which comes at a cost, but might be more affordable than you think. There are so many options to decide – does it need to be 3D, or are ‘postcards in space’ required? Would there be modelling involved? What kind of texture-rendering is required? Any character development? What duration? Any integration into live action or other existing material? We need to explore exactly what you have in mind, and then we can provide you with a clear quotation. Get in touch to discuss your needs.


We can adapt and develop existing or sourced fully designed templates for your needs. This combines the benefits of ‘cloud sourcing’ with our skills at After Effects and other applications to provide a solution that’s completely in tune with your needs. You can contact us to explain your precise requirements and leave it to us. Or, altnatively, browse through a set of designs that we have already chosen to narrow it down to what you are looking for. Simply the process of doing so might help you decide what it is that you are looking for. This route provides high-quality design at lower costs.

The options are as varied as the needs you bring. Get in touch to discuss further.

Video business cards for web or email use:

business card

demo reel open close

online business card

Video or photo presentations with titles and bullet points:

video world (discount available!)

web tech

pick and click

company catalogue commercial

a classic presentation

stylish business presentation

Video disco

Monochrome bullet presentation

Video wall commercial

Text-mainly presentation designs:

Business promo

Light table touch


elegant dispalys (sic) presentation

Impactful / stylish concepts:

Corporate spot with 3D cube (discount available!)

modern green boxes


elegant corporate presentation

corporate stairs presentation


Sketch presentation

Green screen:

Place your presentation IN your video! The Stage 3D


Moo Sool Academy promotional film

Working with Master Nick and his students at Moo Sool Academy was a real pleasure. The intention is to create a fast-moving viral video that can be used to advertise the Moo Sool Academy, to be available via their YouTube site, to be shared and to drive traffic to their website. We were very pleased to get Chris Hollis on board, who created a piece of music that was fast-moving and dramatic, a “driving big beat with Korean elements” track, which provided the structure and backbone to the edit.

We were highly impressed by the Hapkido itself – filming helps you really look closely at things, and you could see that the problem with some of the techniques is that practising them is close to being in itself highly dangerous, which is why such a professional approach is needed. Watch full screen (symbol to the left of ‘vimeo’) and with the sound turned up! Enjoy!

Video podcast car reviews

You’ve all heard of the ‘book price’ for cars, right? Names like Parker or Glass? Well, the newest, bestest kid on the block is Used Car Express, run by the irrepressible Matt Tunbridge – so go there if you need advice, reviews, prices, services… the whole shebang for buying a newish used car. Highly recommended: honest, trustworthy, thorough… you know, all the things you don’t immediately associate with the motor trade.

Matt has a very clear vision – new cars are sold on the dream, used cars on hard-headed practical reality. He and his journalists review cars by living with them for a week, and then, and only then, writing up what they are like to live with and all the practical stuff like 3-point turns, and stop-start traffic, and getting your shopping in the boot.

His vision for video was very much in that spirit – let’s get as far away from Top Gear as possible, let’s give the viewer as direct as possible an experience of driving the car under normal situations, guided by the car journalist who has experience and can compare the driving experience to other cars in that class and who knows what to look out for.

He was also clear that we were not making a car review programme as such. His reviews are always illustrated with still pictures, the video should work very much in the same way. So, have a look at the Suxuki SX4 review – four pieces of video, inserted at relevant points so that they work with the text. Or click on the complete video, to get a feel for what we achieved through working with him – a very direct, unfussy, experience of driving the car, with his thoughts as relevant, and sometimes not even that. No music to mask the sound. No ‘hard sell’.

See also the Peugeot 407 Coupe and Land Rover Freelander 2 car reviews. And for something different, have a look behind the scenes at a Honda main dealer in ChiswickVauxhall Network Q (City) and  the Honda’s refurbishment factory and only one used a professional voice over (see if you can spot which one).

Authentic, believable, direct, effective… what video podcasting is all about.

Child’s play?

Having played with Garageband and written a couple of stories in TextEdit, my six year old son Tom pointed to an icon of a gyroscope and asked what that was and can he have a go. I was curious as to what might happen letting him lose on that application. Motion is the cut-down, simplified Mac answer to After Effects, is one way to explain it. “A tool for designing motion graphics” is probably a better way of explaining it.

So here are the results:

Based on a template in Motion – so the flames and graphical elements were already in place. But Tom chose the photo, then worked out the timeline aspect to add letters coming on one by one, behaviours to fade the photo in and out and movement, and then the filter so that the flame affects the photo. Not bad for a six year old!

And another:

So – is this a tribute to the useability of well-designed applications on the Mac? Or is the six year old a genius?

As proud parent, I prefer the latter explanation.

Moo Sool Monkeys are Cool!

Click on the Vimeo site and you can see a longer record of a full session – this is the shorter punchier version designed to appeal to kids and their parents.

Produced for the Moo Sool Academy. Meanwhile we are due to film some adult displays with them. We can’t wait! Coming soon.

Sophie shows how to present yoga

As a first time attempt at presenting, I think Sophie has real style and a clear and understated way of explaining and enthusing.

We filmed this as a competition entry and as an example of the classes that busy people in South East London can sign up for. Her website is in development, so if you are interested in Yoga or training sessions, contact her through Meconopsis Films.

Filming with BCB International

It’s good to develop a longer term relationship with a firm and even better when you feel that there’s a shared understanding about what it is that you are trying to achive. BCB International are a medium sized family firm based in Cardiff, who put a lot of energy into developing new security products, and their enthusiasm is clear to see when talking to the Managing Director, the sales or product manager (all of whom appear in the video).

Keep an eye out for the next video BCB and Meconopsis Films produce together – it promises to be exciting and hard hitting!

Thank you to Mark Brindle and Stu Gaunt for the Portland filming, and Marwah for the able assisting.