Your OWN video and audio podcasts

4.2 million people listen to Podcasts every week. By putting your own podcast on iTunes means that customers can subscribe and receive your messages directly to their iPods, computers and phones. Even better, they don’t have to remember to return your website each time you release a new issue. Podcasts are a powerful way of developing a community of interest around your brand: presenting a human face for your clients and increasing their involvement.

Podcasts can also be used as a great internal communication tool to keep your staff informed and motivated about developments within the firm. Your audio or video podcast can deliver corporate or industry news, training and advice, inspirational feedback, personnel profiles or a digest of community events and news. Your internal podcast can increase the sense of community and improve communication within your firm.

Using the latest HD video and professional audio digital techniques can create surprisingly cost-effective and professional podcasts that are a great way of improving the buzz around your brand image.

Meconopsis Films can provide you with all the professional and creative skills you need to set up your monthly client or in-house video or audio podcasts. We will handle the set up issues on your behalf for the iTunes store or work with your web providers as required.

We offer you a no-obligation start-up consultation at your office. Get in touch now to explore this powerful tool for your business.

Have a look at this use of video podcasts: car reviews.


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