Moo Sool Academy promotional film

Working with Master Nick and his students at Moo Sool Academy was a real pleasure. The intention is to create a fast-moving viral video that can be used to advertise the Moo Sool Academy, to be available via their YouTube site, to be shared and to drive traffic to their website. We were very pleased to get Chris Hollis on board, who created a piece of music that was fast-moving and dramatic, a “driving big beat with Korean elements” track, which provided the structure and backbone to the edit.

We were highly impressed by the Hapkido itself – filming helps you really look closely at things, and you could see that the problem with some of the techniques is that practising them is close to being in itself highly dangerous, which is why such a professional approach is needed. Watch full screen (symbol to the left of ‘vimeo’) and with the sound turned up! Enjoy!


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  1. […] to compose some music for a promotional video for the Moo Sool Academy martial arts school with Meconopsis Films. Tasked with designing a “driving big beat track with Korean elements”, I set about creating […]

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