Child’s play?

Having played with Garageband and written a couple of stories in TextEdit, my six year old son Tom pointed to an icon of a gyroscope and asked what that was and can he have a go. I was curious as to what might happen letting him lose on that application. Motion is the cut-down, simplified Mac answer to After Effects, is one way to explain it. “A tool for designing motion graphics” is probably a better way of explaining it.

So here are the results:

Based on a template in Motion – so the flames and graphical elements were already in place. But Tom chose the photo, then worked out the timeline aspect to add letters coming on one by one, behaviours to fade the photo in and out and movement, and then the filter so that the flame affects the photo. Not bad for a six year old!

And another:

So – is this a tribute to the useability of well-designed applications on the Mac? Or is the six year old a genius?

As proud parent, I prefer the latter explanation.


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